Manufacturing Partners

At Aevum we are pioneers and perfectionists. We adopt the best that is available from other sources and develop new “integrative” protocols and treatments to achieve optimal results that exceed industry standards.


Our team of experts find and develop a variety of health care products, medical equipment, devices, and machinery to meet your patients' specific needs.

Dental Health
Dentists - Orthodontists - Endontologists

Eye Health
Optometrists - Ophthalmologists Oculoplastic Surgeons - Opticians

Animal Health
Veterinarians - Pet Boarding
Animal Clinics - Exotics

Skin Health
Plastic Surgeons - Dermatologists
Estheticians - Medical Spas

Mental Health
Psychiatrists - Psychologists Therapists - Clinical Social Work

Physical Therapists - Chiropractors
Pain Management - Wound Care

Product Catalog

We offer an extensive product catalog. Working closely with manufacturers to secure you the best available equipment, supplies and technology for your specific business and patient needs.

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